CEO of Home Group, one of the largest UK providers of affordable housing and Care and Support. Husband, dad and everything in-between. Blogging in a personal/semi-professional capacity.

A little bit about me …

Age: 56

Marital Status: Married with two kids

School: Eastern Primary – Dundee

First job: Planning Technician

Home: Tyne Valley, Northumberland

Motorbike: Yamaha TZ 350

Ideal job: MotoGP Team Principal, on the basis that I’m too old to ride the bike

Favourite book: Gordon Cullen “Townscape”. It’s about what cities should look like; or Viz magazine which can always make me laugh

Music: Everything from Motorhead to Mozart, especially live noisy guitar bands

Gadget: iPad

Last holiday: Delhi

Working Day: No two days are ever genuinely the same. I like to get out and visit as much of the front line as possible, so combined with trips to London for meetings regularly. that means at least three days a week traveling.

When not on the road it’s normally back to back meetings with colleagues, networking events a couple of nights a week. I’m basically an early riser and I’m often at the computer before 7am each morning catching up with e-mails.

Downtime: Time away from work used to be taken up with taxiing kids (both are now living away from home) which now leaves more time for NUFC, the occasional bit of DIY, music events. cycling, the gym and a bit of classic motorcycle racing.